Popularity, in the automotive industry, almost always breeds popularity. There are exceptions to the rule - especially in terms of popular colours quickly becoming passe after becoming insanely hip, and vehicles which became 'cool' for retirees, thence making a hasty exit from the to-drive list for under-30's.

However, in the case of small cars from Mazda and Honda; people will buy a Civic or 3 (nee Protege) simply because people bought Civics and 3's. Differentiating themselves from Cavaliers (popular because dealers offered thousands of $ off) or Crown Vics (fleet-oriented sales), the Honda and Mazda are popular, in the first place, because they are good cars. Let the nation of informants for the furtherance of the good car go forward and advise.

Who hasn't suggested the purchase of a Civic or 3 to their searching friend, sister, or co-worker? Seriously, who hasn't? Even if you are in the sector of Accords and 6's or Benz's and Bimmers, you would tell anybody looking for a sub-20K car to test-drive one, the other, or both.

Reasons why:
Stop the Honda/Mazda sales consultant when he attempts to convince you to buy a car that is already all over the roads.... IF the car they're putting you in is silver. They'll call it something different. Alabaster Silver Metallic. Give me a break.

Meeting yourself coming the other way 10,000 times per trip is fine if you're in a good car. Doing so in silver is unacceptable.

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