Hyundai has released pictures of its future near-luxury sedan, the Genesis. Although clearly not Hyundai's genesis, this being 2007 and not 1967, the Genesis will mark yet another rebirth for Hyundai. The Sonata's, XG's, Azera, and even the non-NorAmer market Equus have nothing on the Genesis.

As mentioned in the first posting on this site, questions will undoubtedly arise in mainstream and enthusiast media, at auto shows and at kitchen tables. Hyundai puts a bit of a damper on the debate with its plans to keep base pricing under $30,000 USD. Over 300 horsepower from a V8-engined, rear-wheel drive vehicle with a driver-adjustable suspension and big wheels... it does sound good, ya gotta admit.

So the pictures reveal a big part of the equation - exterior appearance. This is a truly good-looking vehicle that wouldn't look out of place in a Lexus showroom although we're yet to find out if it would feel out of place.

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